How to Clean a Floor

Clean a floor with these smart tricks for doing the job faster, smarter, and better.

Clean your kitchen floor using these tips for doing the job faster, smarter, and better. Quick-sweep your kitchen floor daily with an angled broom. A speedy sweep will help prevent dirt from scratching your floors. Clean out a sweeping pattern that ends with the dustpan placed next to the garbage can for easy disposal. A hand broom will make sweeping up the dirt pile easier. And when you mop, hand-wipe the perimeter. Pay attention to the corners where dust loves to hide. Place an old sock over your hand and spritz with cleaner. Run your hand along the floor where it meets the wall and applying as is. For floors that sparkle, dry-mop after you wash. Use a light swivel-head shine mop to pick up any lingering dirt. You'll leave the floor dry, ready to use, and super shiny.