to Clean Countertops

How to Clean Countertops

Learn the tricks to keeping a clean countertop in your kitchen with these ideas for getting the job done faster, smarter, and better.

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Clean kitchen countertops with these tips for doing the job faster, smarter, and better. Make cleaning easier by clearing the clutter. Create a home for items that accumulate, such as a mail bin, key rack, or baskets for kitchen extras. Use a plastic pastry scraper, old credit card or a gift card as a crumb sweeper. Run the card over the surface of the countertop, sweeping crumbs into your hand or directly into the sink. Plus, you can use it to lift off caked-on food, too. Spray the spot with a cleaner and let it sit. Scrape off the residue and wipe clean. The most important part of countertop cleaning is eliminating bacteria. Wipe counters with a germ-killing cleaner that's safe for your countertop material, then dry with a microfiber cloth, which discourages streaks and bacteria growth.