How to Clean a Sink

Clean the sink in your kitchen with these smart tips for a sink and faucet that shine.

Clean a kitchen sink with these tips for doing the job faster, smarter, and better. The same mild soap you use on dishes can be used on your sink. Simply take a minute to wipe out the sink after the dishes are done. And remember the faucet. Now, rinse the sink and wipe everything dry with a microfiber cloth to prevent water spot. Your sink can be dirtier than you may think. Disinfect it regularly with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Replace the cap with a sprayer and spray the sink a few times a week. Let it sit, and then rinse with water and dry. The things that work on the hard-to-reach places in your mouth will do the same for your sink. Use floss to loosen grime around the base of faucets and handles. A toothbrush works here, too. Plus around the drain and around the sink edge.