How to Cut Tile

Learn the techniques and tools you need to cut tile.

-Different types of tile require different tools for cutting. Here, we show you how to cut ceramic tile. For less than $30, you can buy a tile cutter from your local home improvement store. You may also need a rubbing stone. Start by marking your tile where it needs to be cut with a marker and straight edge. Then, place the tile into the tile cutter, glaze side up, lining the marker line up with the guideline. Using light pressure, run the carbide wheel across the tile slicing through the glaze. This is called scoring. Be sure to only score your tile once. Next, ensuring the tile hasn't shifted, use even pressure and press down on the lever directly over the score line. The tile will easily snap into. The tile should snap cleanly, but if the edges are rough, a rubbing stone will quickly smooth the edges. If your project is large or requires irregular cuts, you may need to rent or buy other tools such as a wet saw, regular tile nippers, or double wheeled tile nippers.