How to Fold a T-Shirt

Learn how to fold T-shirts neatly and keep them wrinkle-free with these simple tricks.

We all have lots of T-Shirts. But do you know the best ways to fold them? Here are two of our favorites. The first is the Japanese folding method. Lay the shirt front side up and sideways with the neck on your right and the bottom hem on your left. Smooth out any wrinkles so it lays flat. With your right hand, pinch the shirt between the shoulder and the neck. Now, pinch halfway down with your left hand. Cross your right hand over your left to pinch the hem. Now, pick up the shirt and pull your left hand through, uncrossing your arms. Now, drag the shirt along the table to straighten out the sleeve and flip one side over the other. Another way to fold the T-Shirt is to use a folding board or clip board. Lay the shirt face down and flat. Place the folding board near the collar and center between the shoulders. Flip one side of the shirt and sleeve against the board. Now, repeat the step on the other side and smooth out any wrinkles. Fold the bottom of the shirt up, so it's tight and snug against the bottom edge of the pulling board. Flip the shirt right side up, then slip the board out from behind. And you're done.