How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Learn the fastest, easiest way to fold a fitted sheet with these helpful tips.

Learning how to fold a fitted sheet can be tricky, especially with today's deep-pocketed sheets that have the elastic all the way around the edge. Most people just wad them up into a big ball and shove them in the linen closet. Here is a fool-proof way to fold a fitted sheet into a compact bundle that takes up almost no space. First, lay the sheet out. Turn the corners up so they're all facing in, and so the elastic edge is on top. Now, slip your hands into the back of the sheet's long side corners. Now, slide your hands into the other long side's corners, making sure all the corner seams are fully inside of each other. And shake the sheet out. Move your right hand over your left hand, so all the corners are on your left hand. Lay the sheet down flat, back on the table. Straighten and smooth the fabric into a rough rectangle shape, so the elastic lining is facing up. The elastic will make an L-Shape. Now, fold the sheet into thirds, beginning with the elastic side. Fold the side into the middle, then fold the sheet over again to meet the edge, smoothing as you go. Fold the sheet into thirds again, beginning with the top side where all the elastic is. Fold that side down, now fold the nearer side to make a neat package. And you're done.