Fold a Napkin into an Airplane

Dress up your dining table with a fun and versatile napkin fold. Here’s an easy way to turn a cloth napkin into an airplane.

Dress up your plate settings with a fun, versatile napkin fold. Here's how to fold the napkin into an airplane in a few easy steps. Choose a square cloth napkin that coordinates with your color scheme. Leave the napkin flat on the table with the finished side facing down. Now, smooth it out. Fold the napkin in half to form a horizontal rectangle. Fold the napkin's left corner to the center of the lower edge of the rectangle. Repeat this step on the right side, leaving about an inch between the two edges, so your napkin is in the shape of a triangle. Start with the left side of your triangle, and fold the center edge back, so it aligns with the left edge. It will form a smaller triangle. Mirror this action on the right side. Pinch the top and the bottom of the center of the napkin, pulling up at the center section. Then, gently drag the outer folds in toward each other to make a point at the top. Flan the lifted center so it forms a narrow triangle, just like a paper airplane. And you're all set.