to Fold a Towel

How to Fold a Towel

Learn how to fold a bath towel -- for a fluffy stack or to be hung on a towel rack -- with these handy tips.

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It's so easy to fold the bath towels so that it looks fluffy, neat, and inviting, just like in a hotel. There are usually two methods: Fold it over a towel bar, or secondly, lay on a shelf. Let's start with the towel you'll hang on a bar. Lay the towel out on a flat surface and smooth it out. Take the long side and fold it just past the halfway mark, then fold the other side almost to the edge of the towel. Next, take the short side of the towel and fold it almost to the edge. Now, fold the topside just down over halfway. See how polished it will look over a towel bar? If you store your bath towels on the shelves, here's another way to fold the bath towel. Fold the long edges so they meet in the middle, smoothing as you go. Then fold the short edges in toward the middle, but leave a gap in between them. That way, the edges don't bump together and the towel lays flatter when folded. Fold the towel in half again and you're done. Now you have a beautiful hotel look.