How to Fold a Shirt

Give dress shirts a crisp, retail-ready look with these easy folding techniques.

To pull the button-down shirt, a man's dress shirt or a woman's blouse, first, fasten the top button, another one in the middle and the very last button. Then, smooth the placket down. With the shirt print down on a flat surface, now, place a shirt folding board or a clip board at the collar to create the same sharp, uniform look you see at retail shops. Fold one side against the board then pull the sleeve in at the shoulder. Now, fold the sleeve up the elbow, smoothing as you go. Repeat for the other side, folding in the sleeve at the shoulder and up to the elbow. Smooth again. Now, fold the end of the shirt up to the collar. For a longer button-down shirt or a man's shirt, pull the shirt tails up about a third of the way and then smooth out the fabric. Then, fold through the end of the board. Turn your shirt over and slip the folding board out. Look how sharp that is and it's so easy.