How to Clean a Shower

Get a clean shower that sparkles. Here's how to clean a shower quickly and easily.

Want to make your shower sparkle without a lot of scrubbing? Here's how to clean a shower faster, smarter and better. Using the right tool makes the job quicker. A brush with a diamond shaped head reaches into corners easier than a flat head does. And it loosens soap scum and water deposits better than a sponge. Deep clean your shower right after you shower. The surface is already wet plus the water has loosened up dirt making your job easier. Use your favorite bathroom cleaner or a mix or equal parts vinegar and dish soap to spray down the walls and fixtures. Wipe down the surfaces with the brush. For top stains, let the mixture sip before scrubbing and rinsing. A little preventative maintenance means fewer deep cleans. Create a mixture of water and spiked with a few ounces of dishwasher spot-free rinse agent. Spray it on the walls, in the shower door or curtain. Then, use a shower squeegee to quick dry the walls. To prevent water spots and soap scum build up. Certain surfaces require a special care. Be sure to use cleaning solutions and scrubbers that won't harm the surface of your shower.