to Pack Clothes

How to Pack Clothes

Save space in your suitcase with these easy ways to pack clothes for a trip. Learn how to sort, roll, fold, and bundle so items stay neat and wrinkle-free.

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For work or pleasure, here's how to pack clothes like a pro, plus space saving tips so everything fits perfectly inside your suitcase. Shoes are heavy and take up a lot of room, so they'd go into the suitcase first. Slide small items such as a pair of socks or belt into your shoes. Place them inside shoe bags to keep the rest of your clothes clean and to protect the shoes from scratches and scuffs. Compression bags are great space savers for bulky items like heavy sweaters. Slip items inside the bag, seal it, then role out the air. Sandwich delicate items like a dress with blaze or beading between sheets of tissue paper, so it won't snag, then slide it into a zippered plastic bag and tuck it into your suitcase. Pack workout and swim gear into sealable plastic bags to keep wet items away from the rest of your clothes. Another option for packing your luggage is rolling your clothes. Rolled garments take up less room so you can fit more into the suitcase. If you got a whole lot of stuff for a not very big bag, give the bundle approach a try. First unzip the lid to your luggage so it lays out flat. Pack a layer of shoes, t-shirts and other small items in the suitcase. Now, place long pants or jeans. Lay one pair they'll lay half to one side of the suitcase. Top it with another pair so they legs hang off the opposite side. Continue alternating pants and jeans like this until you're done. While the legs are hanging out, pack your shirts, tuck in the arms. Lay the first one so its arms lay across the legs of the pants and the hem hangs off the front of the suitcase. Repeat with another shirt so the hem hangs off the back of the suitcase, pulling in the arms as before. Continue alternating your shirts. Once you packed everything, it's time to bundle that. First, wrap the pant legs over the bundle, one side first and then the other. Then start wrapping shirt hems on top of the bundle, beginning with the last shirt you packed and alternating sides. Keep wrapping until every item is folded into the bundle. Tuck it in new corners and secure the entire bundle with the tie-down straps. You're all set.