Pulling a Look Together: Designer Tips

Designer and blogger Erin Gates offers tips and tricks on where to go for decorating inspiration, plus how to pull a look together.

One of the first things I tell my clients to do is to go to their closet. If you find a lot of graphic print dresses in your closet, you'll love accents of similar pattern and color in your space. If your closet is full of white shirts and black blazers, then you'll be most comfortable with streamline pieces and neutral colors. Inspirational images really help the design process along. I encourage every client I have to create a mood board because it gives me a really great feel of what they're looking for, what they like. You can use any images on your mood board or inspirational board that really make you feel great and inspiring you, and gather all those images together and start reviewing them as a whole, and you'll start noticing trends, repeated pattern, color, texture. It's a great indicator of what you're gonna like most in your living space.