Flower Arranging

Learn how to arrange flowers and create a beautiful, colorful bouquet.

-Arranging flowers is easier than you think. Here's how to create a perfect bouquet of cut flowers. Choose a container that will complement your bouquet with its size, shape, and color. A flared opening allows stems to lean naturally. Aim for bouquet of 1 to 1-1/2 times the height of the vase. For a mixed bouquet, gather 5 varieties of flower and 2 types of leaves. Fill your plain vase with room temperature water. Visualize the arrangement with any circle. Now, divide the circle into 3 equal parts. Plan to place 1 stem of each plant variety in each of the 3 parts. To create a long-lasting bouquet, strip off lower leaves and cut each stem in an angle. You'll need several stems of each plant. Start with 1 type of leaves. Place each stem at an angle to form a web that will hold the other stems in place. A vase of leaves brings any bouquet to life. It makes an arrangement look fresh from the garden. The star of your bouquet is the largest most dominant flower. Shapely lilies like this allow smaller secondary flowers to have supporting roles and fit in nicely. For color, variety, and interest, add the supporting cast. Roses, lycianthes, and snapdragons are good choices. Finish your bouquet with fillers. Fillers can be flowers or leaves. Bupleurum and fern complete this arrangement. Adjust the stems to perfect the arrangement. Tucking in [unk] as needed. Now, your bouquet is ready to enjoy.