How to Make Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie can be simple -- we promise! Turn this chicken dinner into a weeknight staple with our quick tutorial on chicken pot pie crusts.

Chicken Pot Pie on a Wednesday? Absolutely. Try one of these simple Chicken Pot Pie Crust recipes. The easiest crust option is refrigerated biscuits. Just arrange the biscuits on the hot and bubbly Chicken Pot Pie filling before baking. You can also make designer crust by cutting biscuits in halves or quarters and placing on top of the pie. Rounds of refrigerated pie crusts are almost as easy as biscuits and give you a traditional look and flavor. Take the crust right from the package and unroll it over the filling. Crimp as you would any pie crust. No rolling pin required. And finally, there's puff pastry. This light, flaky, ready to bake crust is usually frozen. So allow time for it to fall a little. If your pan is larger than the pastry sheet, roll it out a bit on a lightly floured surface to cover your baking dish.