to Make Brisket

How to Make Brisket

Never have another overdone brisket! Our Test Kitchen expert shows you the simple fork test that ensures that your meat is tender and ready for the dinner plate.

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Beef brisket is an extremely flavorful cut of meat that needs to cook low and slow. Not much attention needed during cooking. Just a little patience on your part to get a tender juicy brisket. The secret to the tenderness is a long, moist cooking process called braising. Add a little liquid to the roasting pan. Broth, wine, juice, even water works fine. Season the beef, however, you'd like. Then cover the pan tightly. The steamy environment created from the braising liquid helps break down the brisket's tough muscle fibers. Now braise at 325. You'll know that the brisket is done when you can easily insert and twist with fork in the center of the meat without resistance. The important final step is to thinly slice the brisket across the grain. This guarantees a tender juice by the brisket.