Creative Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Instead of carving a face into your pumpkin, use a few creative methods to turn your gourd into a cute owl. Our crafty ideas are a cinch and require little to no carving.

This Halloween, give a hoot about your pumpkin decorations. Make this so easy Owl Pumpkin out of sunflower seeds as a big eyed beauty that can perch in your displays. To get started, use some apple core to cut small circles for the owl's eyes, a knife works for this technique too. Free hand cut a triangle for his nose. To secure the Owl's appendages, cut small slits of the pumpkin for each ear and each foot. Heat up a hot glue gun and get crafting. Hot glue sunflower seeds in a circle around his eyes. Do as many layers of sunflower seeds as you'd like. The more seeds the bigger his keepers. Next, prep the Owl's ears. Hot glue 6 seeds to the end of the craft stick, repeat to make a second ear. Use the same method and 7 seeds to make feet. Tuck the craft sticks into the slits you cut earlier. Your pumpkin decorating is now complete. Send this little guy soaring on your porch display this Halloween.