How to Clean Out a Pumpkin

Get your pumpkin ready to carve with a quick clean-out. We've got the secret to carving (Hint: work from the bottom up).

You know Halloween is close when the pumpkins appear. To create your own hunting masterpiece, you have to start with a clean canvass. The first tip, room temperature pumpkins are easiest to clean. The secret to cleaning, start from the bottom and work your way up. Flip your pumpkin on its side to expose its base. Cut a large circle in the bottom of the pumpkin. Make sure the opening is big enough to reach easily inside. Next, carefully remove your cut up bottom using a knife to pry it out. Use your knife to level out the bottom of your cut up. This way, a candle can rest oh so easily inside. A large ice cream scoop works great to get the guts out. You can also use the scoop that comes with the pumpkin carving kit. Dig in with your hands. It's messy and slimy, just as Halloween should be. Set aside any seeds to clean and toast into a yummy fall treat. To finish up, use a clay modeling tool to smooth the inside walls. Then use a spoon to scoop away the remains. All done. Just like that, your pumpkin is ready to become your Halloween masterpiece.