How to Carve a Pumpkin with an Apple Corer

This couldn't-be-easier pumpkin-carving method involves a cheap tool and very little time. Sounds like a winning combination for your Halloween display!

Don't you just love how some people can carve perfect circles in their Halloween pumpkins? The secret is at your kitchen drawer. Dig into the drawer where you hide your cutting utensils. The treasure you seek, an apple corer. Start with a cleaned out pumpkin. With the apple corer in hand, push the sharp end of the corer through the pumpkin skin and all the way through the pumpkin wall. When you pull the corer out, you'll have that perfectly round hole you call it. Repeat the process wherever you want to Swiss cheese your pumpkin. The only limit is your imagination. Create faces, make random patterns, make flowers or carve any design that starts with a circle. Now that you're in on the secret, carving circles is so easy, it's spooky.