How to Paint a Pumpkin

Skip the carving -- by painting a Halloween pumpkin you can create spooky designs without the mess. We've got the tips for success!

This hair-raising black cat will stay and watch on your porch this Halloween. The best part, you don't have to deal with messy pumpkin guts, just a little black paint. Find a Halloween stencil that you like and cut out your pattern. Pins help keep the pattern in place. Stick them in key spots like around the cat's face, body, tail and legs. Use a pencil to trace the pattern onto your pumpkin. Press hard to create the best guide. Time to get painting. Paint the cat one section at a time, starting with the largest area and a large brush. Don't overfill your brush with paint. It's easiest to work with a little at a time and re-dab. When you've done the majority of a design, go back and paint the details with a fine tip brush. Voila! You have a creepy looking cat to add to your Halloween decorations without the pumpkin carving mess.