How to Photo Transfer

Use favorite photos in your home's decor. Learn how to photo transfer with this crafty DIY project.

Transfer your favorite photographs to wooden canvas surfaces using these easy photo transfer techniques. First, we're going to transfer an image to a piece of wood. You'll need a wood piece, an image printed in reverse from a laser printer at a copy shop, gel medium, a foam brush, a spoon, water, a rag, and clear sealer. Brush a thin layer of gel medium on top of your photo. Carefully lay your photo face-down onto the wood, and smooth out any air bubbles with a spoon. Let your project sit and dry, at least 8 hours. Now it's time to soak your photo transfer. Press a wet rag on top of your photo making sure the image is completely soaked. Use your fingers to carefully rub off the paper fibers. Once your photo transfer is dry, brush on a layer of clear sealer to protect it. This process also works on canvas. Set your finished photo transfer project in a pretty place, and enjoy.