to Stencil

How to Stencil

Stencil your walls for an easy decorating update. Here's how to stencil and bring pattern to your walls.

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-Stenciling your walls adds color, pattern and personality. We'll show you how to stencil like a pro. You'll need a drop cloth, painter's tape, interior latex paint, a stencil, stencil spray adhesive, a level, paper plates, paper towels, stenciling brushes and a small foam roller. Lightly spray the back of the stencil with stencil spray adhesive. Add tape to the top edge. When it's tacky, press the stencil on to the wall. Paint adheres best to walls painted with a flat base. Start your stencil pattern at the top center of the wall. Check with the level and apply painter's tape along in the edges. For larger stencil patterns, lightly coat a roller with paint. Blot on the paper towel. And then, roll paint under the stencil applying light to medium pressure. To continue the pattern, map subsequent stencils with the painted pattern. To finish edges, hold the stencil along in the corners and trim and fill in with paint. Now, you know how to stencil a beautiful wall to accent any room.