Garden Checklist

Fall Garden Checklist

Get your yard ready for winter with these easy tasks.

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-Ensure your landscape is ready for winter with these easy tips. The most important thing that you can do is clean up your garden. Cut back, break up and remove any disease foliage. By doing this, it prevents the disease from all the winter [inaudible] so you're less likely to see it attack next season. If it's been a dry fall, water your trees and shrubs especially evergreens to ensure that they stay hydrated all winter long. Autumn is an ideal time to amend your soil by spreading inches of compost a [inaudible] on the ground this fall. As it breaks down over the winter, it will improve your soil especially if you have sand or clay. After the soil freezes, when daytime temperatures are no longer above 32degrees, apply a winter mulch to your perennials. And this mulch layer protects them from being heaved up and exposed to chilly air as the soil freezes and fast over the winter.