to Deal with Fall Leaves

How to Deal with Fall Leaves

Make getting rid of fall leaves easy with these tips.

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If you have larger deciduous trees in your yard, you know what a huge job it is to rake up and get rid of all those leaves. It's also expensive if you have to buy yard waste bags. But you don't have to. Almost any mulch tree mower will make quick work of leaves, and it's perfectly fine for your lawn. Raise the mower to its high setting then just mow as you normally would. Even heavy layers of leaves can be mulched if the first pass leaves behind a lot of debris, a second pass should do the job. You also can use your mower's grass catcher to collect leaves and use them as mulch in flower beds. The mower shreds them just enough to give them a nice texture. A couple of tips to remember- avoid wet leaves. Dry leaves shatter much more easily. Finally, if the leaves are being pushed out in front of the mower, just tip it up slightly and the mower will roll over them.