How to Plant Perennials

Plant perennials and get them off to the best possible start using these great tips.

Perennial flowers add years of color and interest to the garden. While the first rule of success is to ensure you have the right plants in the right spot, it's also important to plant your perennials correctly to get them off to the best possible start. Begin by digging the hole for your plant. Ideally, the planting hole should be wider than your pot but no deeper, especially if you're planting in clay soil. Then, slip your plant out of its container. If it's well-rooted, the root ball will come out in 1 unit. If the plant is root-bound where you see roots circling around the edges of the root ball, it is important to loosen them and spread them out. Don't worry about harming the roots. Once you've spread the roots out, place the root ball on the ground and gently fill soil in around it. Take care not to plant your perennial too deeply. The top of the root ball should stay level with the top of the soil. Then, water it in well.