to Grow Roses

How to Grow Roses

Grow beautiful roses in your yard. It’s easy with these tips.

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Roses are some of the most beautiful garden plants around. They offer lush romantic blooms in just about every color you can imagine and many are delightfully fragrant. Use these simple tips to grow gorgeous healthy roses in your yard. The 1st step is to select the right roses for your climate. Do a little research to find out the varieties that are best suited to where you live. This is an important step because, roses that aren't suited to your area, cannot survive the winter or will suffer from lots of pest and disease problems. Also, look for disease-resistant varieties such as easy elegance roses or knockout roses. The best place to grow roses in your yard is one that sees whole Sunday or at least 6 hours of direct light or day. The more sun, the better. Unfortunately, while some roses will tolerate some amount of shade, there are none that will thrive in shade. It's also important to plant your roses in open spot where there's good air flow for this helps prevents disease. When planting roses, make sure there's plenty of room between each other and between other plants so that the breeze can flow freely. Roses love a little mulch from the soil over their roots. A couple of inches of mulch which are weeds helps keep diseases from splashing up on the leaves and allows the soil to hold moisture better during times of drought. When you plant roses, be sure to enrich the soil with organic matter such as compost. A healthy layer of compost helps the soil hold moisture and nutrients better and encourages beneficial microbes in the soil. They encourage your roses to grow better and resist disease.