Top Evergreens for Your Landscape

Add four seasons of beauty to your landscape with evergreen trees and shrubs.

Evergreens are the perfect way to add 4 seasons of color and interest to your landscape. Blue spruce is a favorite for its rugged nature and wonderful silvery blue needles. The typical varieties get pretty large to 50 feet and more. So, add the extra interest to your yard with smaller varieties like the weeping blue spruce here. It features fantastic pendulous branches that arch down, giving the plant a graceful look. White pine is another garden standby that can get very large. It features long, soft, blue green needles that dance with the breeze. Dwarf white pine varieties such as blue shag stay much smaller. Blue shag only grows about 6 feet tall and wide and keeps its mountain form as it matures. There's no need to prune this one. If you wanna add drama and excitement to your landscape with an evergreen, look for a variegated variety. Dragon's eye pines, for example, their yellow and green bands across the young needles. It definitely creates example in the landscape. Hinoki cypresses implanted as widely as spruces and pines but still offers gardeners a lot of variety and interest. If the traditional type which can grow more than 30 feet tall is too big for your yard, consider a miniature such as Nana Lutea, which only grows about 4 feet tall and wide. It offers outstanding golden yellow color all year long that's particularly stunning on cold, gray winter days. If you love some shade, look for Siberian cypress. This easy-to-grow evergreen is incredibly hardy. It can take temperatures of 40 degrees below zero or more and it turns purple in the winter. Most types of ground covers, they'll only grow a foot or 2 tall, but you can also find them in tree form called standards.