How to Plant Spring Bulbs

Plant spring-blooming bulbs in fall. Here’s how!

Bulbs are the closest thing you can get to guaranteed color. Plant in the fall for great blooms in spring. The most popular spring bulbs are tulip, allium, hyacinth, crocus, daffodil and [unk]. At its most basic, planting a bulb simply consists of digging a hole at the proper depth, placing the bulb in the hole, pointy side up then burying it. Water then when you're done. An efficient way to plant a cluster or a formal design is to till up the entire area of soil to be planted using a spading fork. Then, lay out the bulbs on the soil surface in a desired pattern. Dig them in where they sit so you won't lose track of any design you planned. With loose, freshly-tilled soil, it's easy to dig bulbs in with a trough. To plant single bulbs among perennials for a bold perennial combination, an auger is a big help for getting into tight spaces where there's little room to dig. If you plant naturalizing bulbs, bulbs that come back every year such as daffodils, crocus, [unk], plant them well to get plenty of sun. That way, they'll return stronger each spring. A good strategy is to put naturalizing bulbs around perennials because the perennials will conceal the bulb foliage as it dies back.