How to Eliminate Borers

Eliminate borers in your yard.

Some of the most vexing landscape pests are borers. Few people ever see these insects but they certainly notice the damage, which shows up as lack of vigor, discolored undying leaves and irregular swelling on branches and trunks. Underneath the bark of infected trees and shrubs, you may see feeding damage that looks like this. Treating borers depends on the kind you're dealing with. Many types that attack trees and shrubs are beetles and these are easy to treat with the tree and shrub treatment that includes the chemical, Imidacloprid. Apply this as a drench and the tree will take up the chemical through its roots, killing borers from the inside. Other borers are moths. Unfortunately, no similar treatment exists for these. The best option is to prune out infested branches and dispose of them by chipping or burning. The good news is that plants recover from borers with good care. But if you find that a particular kind of plant is continuously attacking your garden, it may be wise to simply try a different plant.