House Paint Colors

Learn how to choose house paint colors and give your exterior a colorful makeover.

Painting your home is a great investment in its curb appeal. Here's how to choose the right exterior paint colors for your house. First, consider the aspects of your home that paint can't change; the roof color for example, or brick, or stone accent work. You want these features to blend with the new color. Get inspiration from your neighborhood. Note color combinations that you really like. This is also a good time to check whether your neighborhood has covenants that dictate house's colors. Consider the style of your house. A craftsman home may call for a nature inspired paint colors and darker hues. While a classic farmhouse looks great in white with dark shutters. A three-color scheme, a one color each for the body, the trim and the shutters is the standard for most homes. It's okay to add a fourth color if it's appropriate for the style of your home. To emphasize architectural features like decorative trim or a great front door, choose a color that contrast with the surrounding house. For example, pair of warm colored door with a cool colored façade. For a more subtle look, pick a door color that blends in, such as a red door surrounded by brick. Check out color combinations suggested by paint manufacturers. They pay designers to creat pleasing pairings for many styles of houses. And when you've narrowed your color choices, invest in a few courts and test the color in various spots. Be sure to look at different times of the day to understand how light changes the color. The effort you put in to choosing paint colors will pay off in your satisfaction and the value of your home.