Easy Decorating Ideas

Update your home's decor with easy decorating ideas that will bring personality and color to your rooms.

How do you make your room look like a million bucks without spending much money? Try these quick and easy decorating ideas to personalize your space. Revive an old woven chair with a coat of spray paint. For less than $5, you can completely transform it. Add a large mirror over the mantle. It's an affordable way to fill the space and will make a smaller room look bigger. If one large piece of art is too expensive, create a gallery of smaller pieces. Buy frames in the same finish or color then framed kid art, favorite menus, or even pretty note cards. Paint is the bargain decorator's best friend. Buy a quart and paint the inside of a bookshelf for just a few dollars. Create an accent wall for just the cost of paint and a stencil. It's an affordable alternative to wallpaper. Beautify a mashup of different chair styles with a coat of paint. Give chairs a fun detail by adding a house number from the hardware store. You don't need deep pockets to create a personal look. You just have to get creative.