Home Plans

Use these tips to choose a home plan that works for your lifestyle, lot size and location.

There is a lot to consider when you're building a new home. But it all starts with choosing the right home plan. First, define your search by square footage. The size of your lot, the number of bedrooms and baths and the number of levels you want will help narrow your plan choices. Based on the orientation of your lot, imagine where you will park your car and which door will be your primary entrance. Choose a plan that makes sense for how you live and how your home sits on the lot. Imagine what you might be carrying when you walk through the door and where you want to put it. Do you need a mudroom that handles sports gear? Do you wanna carry groceries directly into the kitchen? Look for a plan that connects your entry to these spaces and functions. Next, think about daily living. Most new houses have the kitchen and living space designed as one open family room. Many have enough space for an informal dining table. But if you want more privacy or quieter spaces, opt for a plan with separate kitchen, living and dining areas. If entertaining is important to you, choose a plan that has large gathering spaces. Also, a home with a traditional dining room might be right for you. Make sure your house plan includes enough bathrooms to suit your family's needs. Most of today's master baths have separate areas for the tub, shower and toilet. In many parts of the country, outdoor living spaces such as a porch or covered patio are just as important as indoor rooms. A well-appointed porch can stretch your living space during the mild seasons. Consider an outdoor fireplace to add warmth when the air is chilly. Building a home is a big investment. So choose a home plan that suits your lifestyle now, but will also accommodate your needs in the future.