How to Arrange a Living Room

See how to arrange living room furniture with these helpful arranging tips.

-Make the most of your home's living space by learning how to arrange living room furniture smartly. There are 3 things to keep in mind when arranging a living room; flow, function and focal points. Before you start moving furniture, have a good understanding for the traffic patterns getting in, out and through the room with just a single opening into the room. Keep traffic pattern sensible and accessible for the best use of space. Next, think about the function of the room. If it's used for both relaxing and socializing, create cozy seating groups. If your living room is used for TV watching and family game nights, orient seating towards the television and include a coffee table for spreading out games. Fixed elements or focal points in the room such as a fireplace or a bay window also affect furniture placement. Arrange furniture to take advantage of a beautiful view or a cozy fireplace. Arrange a living room perfectly by reflecting on the room's features and your lifestyle. Take measurements and sketch out an arrangement using these tips and then start moving furniture.