How to Make Seven-Layer Salad

To make a tasty seven-layer salad recipe, ensure that your lettuce is dry before you place your salad in the trifle bowl or serving dish. We’ll show you a simple way to get the moisture out.

It may sound obvious, but a good 7-layer salad starts with a crispy, crunchy layer of lettuce. To avoid soggy lettuce, start with romaine and make sure it's washed and thoroughly dried before shredding it. First, tear the leaves from the core and rinse each leaf in cold water. Now, dry the leaves using either a salad spinner to spin them dry or arranging the leaves in a single layer on paper towels or a clean kitchen towel. Cover with a second towel and pat dry. Use them right away or refrigerate to use later. And, actually, chilling will crisp them up even further. Roll the leaves in a damp paper towel jelly roll style. Slide them into a large plastic bag and refrigerate. Not only will the lettuce leaves hold up better in the 7-layer or any other salad but they'll taste better and keep for a lot longer, too.