How to Make Quiche

Want the secret to making quiche? We help you pre-bake the crust for a crunchy base for your creamy filling.

What's the secret to delicious quiche? Pre-baking or blind baking the crust so it stays crisp. Here's how. Arrange pastry dough in a pie plate. Then, take a disposable foil pie tin and snip the pan around the edge in a few places so you can fold it and the edge will stand up straight. Fill the foil pan with a cup or so of dried beans. Place on top of the pastry and bake the crust in a hot oven. The beans will weigh down the pan so the crust underneath doesn't bubble up. After baking, carefully lift out the foil pan with the beans and continue baking the crust until golden. You can reuse the pan and the beans to pre-bake other crusts, but don't cook the beans to eat. Add the quiche filling to the hot-baked crust and continue baking until the filling is set.