Decorating: How to Pipe Frosting

Cake Decorating: How to Pipe Frosting

When it comes to cake decorating, one of the best tools for piping is already in your house. Watch as we show you how to pipe with supplies that costs pennies.

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Simple cake decorating techniques are easy to master with a little bit of practice. Here're some tips to get you started. Before actually decorating a cake, practice on a piece of wax paper until you're comfortable. To make simple dots, cut up the corner of a frosting-filled resealable plastic freezer bag and hold the filled piping bag just above the wax paper. Squeeze out the frosting in a steady stream, keeping the tip of the bag still. The frosting will form a natural round shape. To smooth out any peaks on the dots, dip your finger into a little water and gently flatten the tops. To make decorative squiggles, draw random patterns, squeezing frosting out of the bag as you slowly move the tip across the paper. Then, try your hand at writing letters. Start with printed capitals. Then, as you get more comfortable, try lower case and cursive letters. With just a little practice, it won't be long before you're piping like a pro.