Cake Decorating: Easy Frosting Designs

Use household utensils -- a spoon and a fork -- to create easy frosting designs. We’ll help you achieve beautiful cake decorations on the cheap.

-Cake decorating tools are as simple as a spoon and fork. Try one of these decorative finishes on a single or multilayer cake. To make swirls or spikes on our frosted cake, use the back of a soup or a tablespoon. Swirls are easy to make and soft frostings or whipped cream. Spikes require a stiffer icing like meringue or 7-minute frosting. Use the tines of a fork to make wavy ridges in a frosted sheet cake or ridges around the sides of a smooth, frosted layer cake. Hold the fork lightly against the cake and gently pull it around, turning the plate as you go. With tricks like these, putting the finishing touches on any homemade cake has never been easier.