How to Make Baked Fried Chicken

Try our low-fat alternative to fried chicken: Baked fried chicken! See our secret ingredient that makes the different in flavor (Hint: You likely already have it in your fridge).

Baked fried chicken is a terrific low-fat alternative to traditional fried chicken. The secret to keeping it moist and tender is to dip the chicken in yoghurt before adding the crunchy coating. Begin by dipping boneless, skinless chicken pieces, drumsticks or whatever part of the chicken you like in Greek yoghurt then dredge in crushed cornflakes, seasoned bread crumbs, Panko or crushed cracker crumbs work, too. The yoghurt adds a bit of a tangy bite and clings to the chicken in a thick layer so the crumbs stick and coat well. A classic favorite without the classic calories- what's not to love about that?