to Make Egg-Fried Rice

How to Make Egg-Fried Rice

Cooked rice and a skillet bring egg-fried rice to the dinner table. We’ll show you the order of ingredients to complete this delicious side dish.

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-Egg-fried Rice is a terrific quick dinner solution. The secret is to use cold rice, add an egg and whatever vegetables you have on hand and follow these easy cooking steps. First, set everything up before heating the pan. Cut the vegetables into small pieces so they cook quickly and evenly. Next, beat eggs in a bowl. And finally the rice. It's important to use cold cooked rice. If it's warm and fresh, it'll be too starchy and will stick and clamp in the pan as it stir fry. Now, heat oil in a large non-stick skillet and saute the vegetables for a minute or two. Next, stir in the cold rice and cook a few minutes. Then, push the rice and vegetables to the sides of the pan and drizzle some of the eggs into the center stirring constantly. Push the cooked egg into the rice mixture before drizzling in more egg. Then just season with soy sauce and serve. These rivals take out any day.