How to Make a Breakfast Casserole

It’s easy to over-cook breakfast casserole. A bit of stand time (at just the right moment) is the key to success with this delicious morning recipe.

-Knowing when a breakfast casserole has baked to perfection is essential for great results. The secret is to stop baking when the center still jiggles a little. It doesn't matter what recipe you use. Hold the casserole out of the oven when the very center still has some movement then let the dish sit for a few minutes before serving. The residual or carry-over heat will gently finish the baking. You can also check doneness by inserting a knife near the center. It should come out clean. If you see egg mixture on the knife, the casserole is underdone. Cook it a little longer, but if the surface is watery, it's probably over baked and the eggs have curdled. So, for an excellent breakfast casserole, focus on the center.