How to Choose the Right Paint Color

With all the paint colors out there, how do you choose which one will work for your walls? Find out with these designer tips.

-With millions of paint colors out there, how do you find the one that you love? Here are some tips. Number 1, go a little grayer than you think that you should. What's gives a paint color depth on the wall is the amount of gray that's in it and that's what makes them look fantastic and soft on the walls. In any brand, look for the historical colors. They're meant to look a little aged, but it's perfect for any interior from the most traditional to the most modern. Your paint's finish is also important. In today's world, washable matte is the way to go. It's flat with a slight bit of sheen, which makes it very practical, washable, touchable, perfect if you have small kids, and it's far more practical than flat.