Choosing a Color Palette

Use these tips from designer Elaine Griffin to help you create the perfect color palette for decorating.

-Choosing a paint palette for your home can be a daunting experience. Here is how you can make it easy. The most perfect color combinations are always found in nature. Think about the places in nature that you like the best and start with those color palettes for inspiration. [unk] color palette of celadon, turquoise, and a marvelous bright pink was inspired by the colors of the early sunrise. The other thing to remember when choosing a paint palette is that you really need 3 colors. You want a dominant color whether it's your wall color like this room is celadon or the upholstery color. Number 2, your secondary color. It's the second most prominent color and it should be a complimentary color like our hot pink here then throw in an accent color. You can never good wrong with a sherbert or citrus color like yellow or orange.