Make a Moss Picture

Use dried mosses to create a stunning natural accent for your walls.

-I'm gonna talk to you about dried moss. There are actually real mosses out there that have been dried and then preserved that easily mimic a live wall. This is a perfect decoration to use inside a frame. You probably have a lot of these laying around in your garage, in your basement. Go ahead and take it on frame. Put a piece of plywood on the back that you nail in and then you could use a glue gun. That's all you need with some dried mosses. There's a lot of different dried mosses out there. There is mood moss which has been dried and preserved. And by preserved, I mean they put a coloring agent on the moss so that it stays vivid. It doesn't brown out. They usually are sold in bags that come in clumps like this. So, it's not like you're dealing with all these fibrous elements. All you have to do: Put a little bit of hot glue down and put your dried moss in an arrangement using some of the mood moss. I'm also gonna use reindeer moss. They're available on the market in a lot of different colors including natural, chartreuse, forest, fawn. You can get it in black or whatever colors are out there. For this, I'm gonna go ahead and stick a little bit more natural and just use a little bit of chartreuse and some of the white reindeer moss to add a little bit of contrast to the mood moss so there's dimension to this frame. I'm also gonna use some black lichen that is dried. I'm gonna use a little bit of an overlap to go off into the frame. Another part of this dried creation, which you don't have to take care of, I am gonna put 2 things in here in which you do have to take care of. I'm gonna go ahead and put in air plants. You know, air plants are fun for wall creations. They don't wanna be in direct sun. They don't require a lot of maintenance, but there's some. We like to actually soak our air plants every 7 to 10 days for about half hour, dry them upside down, and then put them back into the creation. So, because of this, I'm actually creating little pockets inside of this frame that I know that they're gonna be able to sit and I can remove them easily. I'm also gonna add some sponge mushroom. Now, this was a real live material that has since been dried as well, but once again, it creates a visual contrast with all of the dried mosses and then guys it's ready to hang up on a wall.