Make a Kokedama Moss Garden

It’s easy to make a kokedama moss garden. Learn how!

-Kokedama is a traditional Japanese art form that basically has moss used as a container for a plant. For this project, I went ahead and chose a blue kangaroo fern because they also like to be in a bright filtered light and require the humidity just like a moss does. What I wanna do is clean all the soil from the root of this plant. So now, once I have the soil removed from the base of this plant, I'm gonna start working on my soil mixture. We got about 70% of the peat and about 30% of the bonsai mix. I'm gonna add a little bit of water and the goal as far as the consistency with this 7:3 ratio is that you wanna be able to form a ball, be able to pat it down. And if you let go, it stays as a ball and doesn't fall apart. That's your perfect mixture. So, I'm gonna go ahead and put aside my mixture. And I'm gonna prep this to get ready to put the plant on it. Also, it's required-- is basically making a small hole inside of this in order to put the roots of the plant in. Squeeze it down so that it is enveloped around the roots of this plant. Now, go ahead and start wrapping your Kokedama with a live moss. Press it into the soil firmly. Wrap it with some twine, tie it so your Kokedama is ready once it's tied. The couple of things that you have to remember is that moss does like to be moist and so does this fern. This is where a mister comes in handy. We like to mist our Kokedama and preferably in the morning and, you know, when it's just a little bit not as bright out, it will create a lot of humidity around the plan. And if you keep your moss moist, it will stay nice and green for you. You also feed out the roots. There we go. You got your Kokedama all ready to go.