How to Make Chili

The ingredients are key to great chili. We’ll show you the one must-have ingredient (no skimping!) for authentic, delicious homemade chili.

-When you're making a potted chili, the obvious by sub choice is chili powder. But you have the decision to make. There's chili powder spelled with an I and chile powder spelled with a E. The difference between the two will affect the chili's flavor. Chili powder with an I is a blend of ground chili pepper and spices, garlic, oregano, cumin even clove and coriander. Use this in any chili recipe. Chile powders with an E are made from a single chili pepper variety; ancho, chipotle and pasia are common. These all look different and have distinct flavor profiles and heat levels. This Jabonero is scorcher. Be sure you know the heat level of the chili you choose and add it a teaspoon at a time to your recipe to get the flavor you want.