to Pick a Pork Chop

How to Pick a Pork Chop

Whether pan-frying or grilling, we'll help you pick the best cut of pork chops for your dinner table.

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-Pork chops all come from the pork loin just like this one. The meat at the ends is the least tender but it's in the middle, here, where the most tender chops come from. From this part of the loin comes the beautiful rib chops with their distinctively large eye and curved bone running down one side of the chop. The chop is excellent from pan-frying, grilling and stuffing. Next you'll find loin chops which contained meat from both the loin and the tenderloin which are separated by a classic t-bone. If you're familiar with the beef t-bone, then you'll recognize this pork cut. These lean chops are made for the grill and frying pan. Finally, there's this center cut or top loin chops. It's boneless and contains only tender meat from the center of the loin whether you pan-fry or grill, this cut is perfect for anything from kebabs to stir fry to stuffing. While these maybe different cuts of meat, just remember they all cook at the same rate. Thickness is the only variable.