How to Make Muffins

Enjoy fresh-baked muffins with our secrets to success. It’s all in the mixing -- learn just how long to mix your ingredients (Hint: It’s more of a “fold” than a “mix”).

-Muffins are so simple to make, but there's one step that you wanna take care with. Mixing the batter. Over mixing changes the muffin's texture and causes them to rise unevenly, creating pointy tops instead of rounded tops like this. First, make a well in the dry ingredients then be sure to blend the wet ingredients thoroughly before pouring into the well. Both of these steps help prevent over mixing. Now, use a rubber scraper to fold, not stir the batter, stopping just when the dry ingredients are moist. A few lumps are fine. If you try to get rid of the lumps, it will be over mixed. Finally, drop the batter into the muffin tin with a cookie scoop to limit excess mixing even more.