How to Make Fried Chicken

We’ve got one must-have ingredient for your best-yet fried chicken. Watch and learn as we show you this secret (Hint: You may have a carton in your refrigerator right now!).

-The absolute best fried chicken begins with one simple ingredient, buttermilk. Before the cooking even starts, marinate the chicken pieces and buttermilk anywhere from 2 to 24 hours for incredible flavor. The soak in buttermilk does 2 things. First, the buttermilk's thick clingy texture provides plenty of sticking power for the coating, resulting in an unbelievably crisp crust and it's that crust that helps seal in the moisture, giving you juicy fried chicken. And second, the buttermilk's acidity helps tenderize the chicken and then parts a distinct flavor the same way it makes biscuits and pancakes taste so good. So, if you want the absolute best friend chicken, a buttermilk bath is just the ticket.