How to Make Cornbread

If you plan to make corn bread often (which you should, it’s a great bread option at dinner!), invest in a cast-iron skillet. We’ll show you how to bake this crispy-edged staple.

-By its very nature, homemade cornbread has a lot of texture. Bake it in a cast iron skillet and you've got the best cornbread ever, crispy, crusty outside, tender and moist inside. To get that crunch crust, add a little oil to a cast iron skillet. Then, put it in the oven before pre-heating. While the oven comes up to temperature, you have plenty of time to stir together with a batter. Pour the batter right into the hot skillet. The sizzle you hear tells you that you're just minutes away from a delicious piece of crusty cornbread. Get the butter and honey ready!