How to Make Salad Dressing

It's a cinch to make salad dressing -- just a few ingredients and our secret container will have you mixing up your own dressing tonight!

-Salads like little girls like to get dressed up. Learn how to make your own salad dressing for fresh take that's not from the bottle. To each their own, when it comes to dressings, taste testing is a must during this process. You may like the 3:01 oil to vinegar ratio, a 2:01 or an equal parts. This isn't the SAT's there is no wrong answer. Bring the screw top jar out of the canning business and use it here. We're using equal parts olive oil and red wine vinegar for our dressing. Today, I'm seasoning with thyme, mustard, garlic and a little pepper. But you could also use sugar, salt or crushed red pepper. Reminder, there is no wrong answer. Get your shake on. We're getting hungry. Now, just drizzle on the desired amount of dressing and toss. Your salad is all dressed up for the evening. Dig in!