to Shred Cheese

How to Shred Cheese

Shredding cheese at home is cheaper than buying it in the store and makes for a creamier melt. Watch as we show you how to shred cheese to use in your favorite recipes.

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-Wanna know how to shred cheese at home? It's a budget-friendly alternative to store bought and makes a creamier melt. The secret is to start with cold cheese and you can use whatever shredder you have on hand including box, a flat shredder, a food processor even a vegetable peeler works. In no time, you'll be great at shredding. For Cheddar and other sharp cheeses, make sure your cheese is cold and use a flat shredder over a wax paper which makes for less mess and easy transfer. For Parmesan or other harder cheeses, you can use the vegetable peeler to get larger shreds of cheese. To save money, you can shred your cheese in large batches and store the extra in an air-tight container in the refrigerator or freezer. Sprinkle your cheese into your favorite dishes for a fresher shred and a creamier melt.